DAMMIT, I’ve started this with a corny intro…

This is gonna be my first game review. I had planned on doing a first review on “THOMAS WAS ALONE” but I decided to see what makes of them game. That way I can strive for a me professional review. heh leprechauns.

Alright now as the title says this is a review on the video game called “MINECRAFT“.
Now Minecraft is a game with a huge community. Basically anyone who played mario while growing up will have some sort of knowlegde of what Minecraft is, BUT what is MINECRAFT?

Well, Minecraft can be alot of things:

1. Minecraft started out as a creative cube sandbox. It still is… Except that sandbox is infinitive. Players could build huge 3d structures out of cubes. There’s no aim to this. Players can freely express them selves.

2. Then came survival. Image everything in your creative inventory (almost) could be made using only what the world provided to you? Now mix that with a few mobs (Monsters) and you’ve got your self a Survival game mode! The major aim of this (if chosen by the player) is to get to the end and defeat the Ender Dragon.

3. Then came multiplayer. Multiplayer is basically everything you can do in Minecraft but with freinds. You could have an adventure or be rulers of land and wage wars. You could see who is the best builder. You can make friends. You could build a complex redstone contration to trap the mobs of the night. You can do whatever your imagination can think of and more….

Notes: WELLLL GUYS?! What do you think? N0t bad for a first attempt. I will redo “Minecraft” again when i get alot more experience with reviews.

The Verdict


The Good: Everything. You would be surprised how a few blocks can change your life.
Great modding community.

The Bad: Very additive.
No circles :P.
Alot of bugs.

This Halloween RealityVoid gaming is going spooky! We’re gonna have an action packed Minecraft Halloween event for you and your buddies! The event will be spread over 3 channels, mine(MagaSuperStick), Medic’s(ThatPeal) and 64hase’s (AlexanderDarkcrafter).
This is the introductory video to the series!

Special thanks to DementedMedic, Chelbmyster and 64hase!

So i decided to make a helix after seeing this made by a friend.
I kinda complained that it was too lazily done so i decided to do it myself!

javaw 2013-09-13 20-37-51-02

square base

javaw 2013-09-13 20-38-47-77

pillar on witch the helix will go

javaw 2013-09-13 20-42-08-07

the two spirallying helixs

javaw 2013-09-13 20-44-15-58

place a glass border and add water and lava

javaw 2013-09-13 20-51-53-85

add decorations and more!

Hey guys! Been quite a while since my last update but here goes!
My first Unity version of my games is out can can be downloaded here.

Its basically a world simulator with the world simulating around you.


craftable items

Secondly I’ve got my own minecraft server!
Its got about 14 active players from all around the world and you can check that out here.
oddly enough it’s also called realityvoid!

Thirdly my youtube channel has been growing quite alot!
so if you enjoy minecraft, l4d2 and many other games you can check that out here!

Enjoy! and more to come!!!